Our Massages

Treat yourself to a massage at Touch of Asia. And treat your family and friends with a gift certificate.  We have several styles of massage to offer.

You select the massage and you select the amount of time you would like to enjoy.

Full Body Massages

  • Acupressure – Trigger points on the body are used to release tension and stress.
  • Thai Massage – Influenced by yoga and traditional Chinese medicine, this massage involves a controlled manipulation of the body.
  • Swedish Massage – Our most popular massage works the muscles for relaxation and pain relief.
  • Dry Massage – No oils or lotions are used. Perfect massage if you prefer to remain clothed.

You may add Hot Stones, Deep Tissue or Walk on Back to your massage – FREE

  • 30 minutes             $50
  • 60 minutes             $70
  • 90 minutes             $100
  • 120 minutes           $140

    Special Twin Room for Couples and Friends

    Tahoe Asian Massage

    Hot Stone Massage – Free with any full body massage

  $40 REFLEXOLOGY —  Spend an hour in one of our massage chairs.  Our certified therapists will dedicate 40 minutes to the Body, accompanying a 20 minute Foot massage. It’s a great way to regain some positive energy.  If you prefer, you can enjoy this same massage in one of our rooms on a massage table for $60.

Reflexology Massage Chairs